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Year Title Authors Source
1968Experimental variola in monkeys. I. Studies on disease enhancing property of cortisone in smallpox. A preliminary reportRao AR, Sukumar MS, Kamalakshi S, Paramasivam TV, Parasuraman TA, Shantha MIndian J Med Res 1968 56(12):1855-65OPEN
1968 Smallpox and monkeypox in non-human primates Arita I, Henderson DA Bull World Health Organ 1968 39(2):277-83 OPEN
1969 Smallpox and monkeypox in primates Arita I, Henderson DA Primates Med 1969 3(0):122-3
1969Transmission of smallpox by contact and by aerosol routes in Macaca irusNoble J Jr, Rich JABull World Health Organ 1969 40(2):279-86OPEN
1971 Special report: Human infection with monkeypox: Liberia and Sierra Leone CDC SEP Report 1971 V(1) PDF
1971 Smallpox Surveillance Report No. 54 5 Mar 1971
Smallpox-like illness in Africa [monkeypox]
Smallpox unit, WHO WER 1971 46(10):86-91 PDF
1971[Smallpox in chimpanzees under natural conditions]. RussianMarennikova SS, Ladnyi ID, Shelukhina EM, Mal'tseva NN, Matsevich GRVopr Virusol 1971 16(4):469-70
1971 [The properties of a virus indistinguishable from the agent of smallpox among monkey pox viruses]. Russian Marennikova SS, Gurvich EB, Shelukhina EM Vopr Virusol 1971 16(4):470-3
1972 Smallpox-like viruses from camels in Iran Baxby D Lancet 1972 300(7786):1063-5
1972 Is monkeypox a reservoir of smallpox? Danilevicius Z JAMA 1972 222(13):1645-6
1973 Smallpox, vaccinia and human monkeypox viruses. For publication in: Manual of clinical microbiology, 2nd ed. American Society for Microbiology. Washington DC Nakano JH, Bingham PG SE/73.2 PDF
1973 Camelpox virus (properties, differentiation from related viruses of the pox group) Marennikova SS, Shenkman LS, Akatova-Shelukhina EM, Maltseva NN WHO/SE/73.54 PDF
1973 Monkeypox and its relevance to smallpox eradication Henderson DA, Arita I WHO Chron 1973 27(4):145-8 PDF
1974 Differentiation of smallpox and camelpox viruses in cultures of human and monkey cells Baxby D J Hyg (Lond) 1974 72(2):251-4 OPEN
1975Smallpox Surveillance Report No. 112, 17 Jan 1975
Smallpox unit, WHOWER 50(3):13-22PDF
1975 Response of camels to intradermal inoculation with smallpox and camelpox viruses Baxby D, Hessami M, Ghaboosi B, Ramyar H Infect Immun 1975 11(4):617-21 OPEN
1975 Relevance of some poxvirus infections in monkeys to smallpox eradication Gispen R Trans R Soc Trop Med Hyg 1975 69(3):299-302
1975 [Results of examining wild monkeys for the presence of smallpox antibodies and smallpox group viruses]. Russian Marennikova SS, Shelukhina EM, Shenkman LS, Maltseva NN, Matsevich GR Vopr Virusol 1975 (3):321-6
1976 Monkeypox and white poxviruses in West and Central Africa Arita I, Henderson DA WHO/SE/76.78
Bull World Health Organ 1976 53(4): 347-353
1976Poxvirus infection of the baboon (Papio cynocephalus)Heberling RL, Kalter SS, Rodriguez ARBull World Health Organ 1976 54(3):285-94OPEN
1976"White-wild" (variola-like) poxvirus strains from rodents in Equatorial AfricaMarennikova SS, Shelukhina EM, Shenkman LSActa Virol 1976 20(1): 80-2
1977 Human poxvirus disease after smallpox eradication Breman JG, Nakano JH, Coffi E, Godfrey H, Gautun JC Am J Trop Med Hyg 1977 26(2):273-81
1977 Monkeypox and smallpox in Africa Br Med J 1977 1(6060):530 OPEN
1977 [Global program for the elimination of smallpox. III. The problem of monkey pox as a threat to the global program for the elimination of smallpox]. Russian Ladnyi ID Zh Mikrobiol Epidemiol Immunobiol 1977 (12):3-9
1978 Human monkeypox: Update 1978 Breman JG SME/78.15 PDF
1978 Laboratory aspects of the monkeypox/whitepox virus problem Fenner F SME/78.19 PDF
1978 Report of informal consultation on monkeypox, whitepox and related poxviruses. Geneva, 9-10 November 1978 SME/78.20 PDF
1978 A suspected outbreak of buffalopox in Bangladesh Tarantola D, Huq F, Hoque FK, Selivanov Y, Wilson C WHO/SE/78.103 PDF
1978 Poxvirus infections in humans following abandonment of smallpox vaccination Breman JG, Arita I WHO/SE/78.112 PDF
1979 Human monkeypox in West Africa WHO WER 1979 12 Jan 1979 54(2):12-3 PDF
1979 Smallpox Surveillance Report No. 146 20 Apr 1979
Human monkeypox in West Africa
Smallpox unit, WHO WER 54(16):123-5 PDF
1979 [Preliminary results of the investigation of a case of monkeypox in Nigeria]. French Gromyko AI, Daramola M SME/79.3 PDF
1979 A possible case of camelpox in man Kříž B SME/79.7 PDF
1979 Report of meeting of the Study Group on Orthopoxvirus Research. Atlanta, 26-28 June 1979 WHO, CDC SME/79.9 PDF
1980 A system of surveillance for monkeypox and haemorrhagic fever
Conference on the Surveillance of Monkeypox and Viral Haemorrhagic Fevers, Brazzaville, Congo, 28 Apr-3 May 1980
McCormick JB SME/80.6 PDF
1980 Human monkeypox, 1970-1979 Breman JG, Kalisa Ruti, Steniowski MV, Zanotto E, Gromyko AI, Arita I WHO/SE/80.153
Bull World Health Organ 1980 58(2):165-82
1980 Monkeypox virus as a potential source of variola virus Fenner F, Dumbell KR, Marennikova SS, Nakano JH WHO/SE/80.154 PDF
1987 The role of squirrels in sustaining monkeypox virus transmission Khodakevich L, Szczeniowski M, Manbu-ma-Disu, Ježek Z, Marennikova S, Nakano J, Messinger D Trop Geogr Med 1987 39(2):115-22
1988 Monkeypox virus: Ecology and public health significance Khodakevich L, Ježek Z, Messinger D Bull World Health Organ 1988 66:747-752 OPEN
2007Brazilian vaccinia viruses and their originsTrindade GS, Emerson GL, Carroll DS, Kroon EG, Damon IKEmerg Infect Dis 2007 13(7):965-972OPEN
2011 Symposium: Smallpox Eradication after 30 Years: Lessons, Legacies and Innovations. Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 24-27 Aug 2010
Status of human monkeypox: Clinical disease, epidemiology and research Damon IK Vaccine 2011 29(Suppl 4):D54-D59
Whither monkeypox vaccination Rimoin AW, Graham BS Vaccine 2011 29(Suppl 4):D60-D64
Human and animal infections by vaccinia-like viruses in the state of Rio de Janeiro: A novel expanding zoonosis Schatzmayr HG, Costa RVC, Gonçalves, D'Andréa, Barth OM Vaccine 2011 29(Suppl 4):D65-D69
2013 An increasing danger of zoonotic orthopoxvirus infections Shchelkunov SN PLoS Pathog 2013 9(12):e1003756 OPEN
For post-1980 WHO committee reports and resolutions on variola and orthopoxviruses and on variola virus destruction, as recommended by the Global Commission for Certification of Smallpox Eradication, see Browse / Post-Eradication Activities / Variola and Orthopoxvirus Research

Other Diseases

Year Title Authors Source
1964 Bleeding and coagulation studies in smallpox and chicken-pox, Madras, India, 1962-63
Expert Committee on Smallpox. Geneva, Switzerland, 14-20 Jan 1964
Kempe CH Smallpox/WP/5 PDF
1966[Smallpox and chickenpox in India. 1. Part of a travel report]. GermanWeise HJZ Haut Geschlechtskr 1966 41(10):391-9
1968The effect of measles infection and of vaccination with certain live vaccines upon humoral immunity to smallpoxMarennikova SS, Askerov VFBull World Health Organ 1968 39(2):299-306OPEN
1970[Smallpox or chickenpox: A difficult clinical and laboratory diagnosis]. SpanishLópez JH, García J, Uribe A, Noble J JrBol Oficina Sanit Panam 1970 68(6):503-9
1972 Clinical stages of smallpox, chickenpox, herpes
Inter-Country Training Course in the Laboratory Diagnosis of Smallpox, 23-31 Oct 1972
Rao AR SE/WP/72.22 PDF
1976 Chickenpox in Kerala White E WHO/SE/76.86 PDF
1976Concurrent smallpox and chickenpoxSarkar JK, Mitra AC, Mukherjee MK, Dumbell KR, Almeida JDBull World Health Organ 1976 54(1):119-20OPEN
1976Coxsackie virus infection simulating smallpoxMukherjee MK, Sarkar JK, Mitra AC, De S, Roy I, Dumbell KR, Almeida JDIndian J Dermatol 1976 22(1):86-8
1977Viral haemorrhagic fever in Sudan and Zaire, Aug-Nov 1976
Viral haemorrhagic fever in Sudan and Zaire, Aug-Nov 1976
WHOWER 27 May 1977 52(21):177-80
WER 3 Jun 1977 52(22):185-92
The virus was later named the Ebola virus. Extracts from the report of a WHO consultation, London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Jan 1977. The outbreak investigation team in Zaire included Dr Joel Breman, who led the CDC measles control/smallpox eradication programme in Guinea and later became a member of the WHO Smallpox unit.
1980 Recommandations concernant les premières mesures à prendre en présence de cas suspects ou confirmés de fièvre de Lassa. French SME/80.2 PDF
1978Ebola haemorrhagic fever in Sudan, 1976. Report of a WHO/International Study TeamBull World Health Organ 1978 56(2): 247-70OPEN
1978Ebola haemorrhagic fever in Zaire, 1976. Report of an International CommissionBull World Health Organ 1978 56(2): 271-93OPEN
1980 Residual facial skin changes in varicella patients
Ježek Z, Hardjotanojo W, Rangaraj AG SME/80.1 PDF
1981Facial scarring after varicella: A comparison with variola major and variola minorJežek Z, Hardjotanojo W, Rangaraj AGAm J Epidemiol 1981 114(6): 798-803
1980 Lassa fever update McCormick JB SME/80.5 PDF
1980 Conference on the Surveillance of Monkeypox and Viral Haemorrhagic Fevers, Brazzaville, Congo, 28 Apr-3 May 1980
A system of surveillance for monkeypox and haemorrhagic fever McCormick JB SME/80.6 PDF
[Mesures de sécurité biologique]. French Oviatt VR SME/80.8 PDF
1980 Surveillance of Ebola/Marburg fevers Simpson DH SME/80.11 PDF
2014Ebola then and nowBreman JG, Johnson KMN Engl J Med 2014 371(18:1663-6OPEN
2014Optimization of interventions in Ebola: Differential contagion. Adalja AA, Henderson DA. Biosecur Bioterror 2014 12(6): 299-300.OPEN
2016Discovery and description of Ebola Zaire virus in 1976 and relevancce to the West African epidemic during 2013-2016Breman JG, Heymann DL, Lloyd G, McCormick JB, Miatudila M, Murphy FA, Muyembé-Tamfun J-J, Piot P, Ruppol J-F, Sureau P, van der Groen G, Johnson KMJ Infect Dis 2016 214 Suppl 3:S93-S101OPEN