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Vaccination: Techniques


Principles and procedures:

Vaccination: Technical Considerations (Section III)
In: Handbook for Smallpox Eradication Programmes in Endemic Areas (1st revision)
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Manuscript submitted for Rosenau, Preventive Medicine and Public Health, 10th ed. Henderson DA. 1971, WHO/SE/71.28 PDF

Year Title Authors Source
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Field studies with the bifurcated needle
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Vaccination: Complications and Contraindications

Year Title Authors Source
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Vaccination: Multiple Antigens

Year Title Authors Source
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Vaccination Policy

Year Title Authors Source
1972 Costs associated with the protection of the United States against smallpox Axnick NW, Lane JM WHO/SE/72.45 PDF
1973 The status of smallpox vaccination: a brief for discontinuing routine vaccination Langmuir AD WHO/SE/73.55 PDF
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1979 WER. Executive Board endorses Global Commission vaccination policy
[Recommendations and current status by country]
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1980 WER. Smallpox vaccination
[Status by country of routine and travel vaccination requirements]
WHO WER 11 Apr 1980 55(15):108 PDF


Year Title Authors Source
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