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Documents: Smallpox: The Disease

Clinical Features and Epidemiology

Year Title Authors Source URL
1945 Ocular complications in smallpox Sen K Ind Med Gaz 1945 80(4):181-3 PMCID: PMC5218354
1960 Epidemiological considerations of smallpox control
Inter-Regional Smallpox Conference. New Delhi, India, 14-19 Nov 1960
Soewondo R SEA/SPX/Conf 3
1964 Expert Committee on Smallpox. Geneva, Switzerland, 14-20 January 1964
– Factors involved in transmission of smallpox and duration of immunity CW Dixon Smallpox/WP/7 WHO: 10665/67697
– A study of 240 cases of haemorrhagic smallpox Rao AR Smallpox/WP/22 WHO: 10665/67676
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1967 The clinical features of smallpox, 3 Roberts CJ Cent Afr J Med 1967 13(4):88-95
1968 A study of immunity to smallpox in persons who have experienced a previous attack Vichniakov VE Bull WHO 1968 39(3):433-7 PMCID: PMC2554405
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1969 Joint WHO/CDC/USAID Seminar on Smallpox Eradication and Measles Control in Western and Central Africa. Lagos, Nigeria, 13-20 May 1969
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Role of migrant groups in the transmission of smallpox in Mali Sow O CDC, SEP Report IV(1):55-6
A study of smallpox in the Tuaregs in Tahoua, Niger Masso AR CDC, SEP Report IV(1):57-8
1969 Smallpox and the density of susceptible persons in Matlab, East Pakistan Arita I WP/14
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1970 An airborne outbreak of smallpox in a German hospital and its significance with respect to other recent outbreaks in Europe
Joint Conference on Infectious Disease. Soc for the Study of Infect Dis (Scotland) and Infect Dis Soc of America, Edinburgh & Glasgow, 14-18 Sep 1970
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and Bull WHO 1972 46(2):165-71
WHO: 10665/67490
PMCID: PMC2480711
1971 A study of intrafamilial transmission of smallpox Heiner GG, Fatima N, McCrumb FR, Jr. WHO/SE/71.33
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WHO: 10665/67491
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and Am J Epidemiol 1971 93(5):361-72
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1971 Endemic smallpox in rural East Pakistan. II. Intervillage transmission and infectiousness Thomas DB, Arita I, McCormack WM, Khan MM, Islam S, Mack TM WHO/SE/71.25
and Am J Epidemiol 1971 93(5):373-83
WHO: 10665/67483
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1971 Smallpox in children. A clinical study of 100 cases Sheth SC, Maruthi V, Tibrewala NS, Pai PM Indian J Pediatr 1971 38(278):128-31 DOI:10.1007/BF02751409
1971 The transmission pattern of smallpox in Eastern Mali Fofana B, Imperato PJ, Nedvideck J Acta Trop 1971 28(2):175-9
1972 Epidemiology of smallpox in West Pakistan. III. Outbreak detection and interlocality transmission Thomas DB, Mack TM, Ali A, Muzaffar Khan M Am J Epidemiol 1972 95(2):178-89
[Reprinted in Am J Epidemiol 1995 141(6):490-501]
DOI: 10.1093/oxfordjournals.aje.a121383
[DOI: 10.1093/oxfordjournals.aje.a117463]
1972 Clinical smallpox: Classification and frequency of type of variola major Rao AR SE/72.1 WHO: 10665/68028
1972 Incubation period of smallpox Downie AW SE/72.3 WHO: 10665/68033
1972 Clinical stages of smallpox, chickenpox, herpes
Inter-Country Training Course in the Laboratory Diagnosis of Smallpox. WHO, New Delhi, 23-31 Oct 1972
Rao AR SE/WP/72.22b WHO: 10665/68110
1972 Pattern of transmission: Relative significance of cases of varying severity Rao AR SE/72.2 WHO: 10665/68032
1972 Case fatality ratios in smallpox Shafa E WHO/SE/72.35 WHO: 10665/67493
1972 Infected inanimate objects (fomites) and their role in transmission of smallpox Rao AR WHO/SE/72.40 WHO: 10665/67501
1973 Role of mosquitoes in the spread of smallpox Sarkar JK, Hati AK, Mitra AC J Infect Dis 1973 128(6): 781-3 DOI: 10.1093/infdis/128.6.781
1975 Pattern of intrafamilial transmission of smallpox in Calcutta, India Mukherjee MK, Sarkar JK, Mitra AC WHO/SE/75.73
and Bull WHO 1974 51(3):219-25
WHO: 10665/68172
PMCID: PMC2366277
1975 Epidemiological implications of the typing of variola isolates Dumbell KR, Huq F WHO/SE/75.74
and Trans R Soc Trop Med Hyg 1975 69(3):303-8
WHO: 10665/68174
DOI: 10.1016/0035-9203(75)90123-6
1975 Clinical observations on smallpox: a study of 1233 patients admitted to the Infectious Diseases Hospital, Calcutta, during 1973 Guha Mazumder DN, Mitra AC, Mukherjee MK Bull WHO 1975 52(3):301-6 PMCID: PMC2366378
1977 Problem of persistence of facial pockmarks among smallpox patients Ježek Z, Basu RN, Arya ZS WHO/SE/77.97
and Indian J Public Health 1978 22(1):95-101
WHO: 10665/68222
1978 Smallpox facial pockmarks [photographs] SME/78.2
1978 Fatality, facial scarring and blindness from smallpox in Bangladesh Hughes K WHO/SE/78.101 WHO: 10665/68229
1979 A study of smallpox transmission rate in Bangladesh Tulloch J, Tarantola D SME/79.1 WHO: 10665/68311
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1995 Invited commentary on Epidemiology of smallpox in West Pakistan. III. Outbreak detection and interlocality transmission. Henderson DA. Am J Epidemiol 1995 141(6):489
[See Am J Epidemiol 1995 141(6):490-501]
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PMCID: PMC2627742
2001 WER. Smallpox WHO Wkly Epidemol Rec 2001 Nov 2 76(44):337-44 WHO: 10665/231685