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Boldface items are those that Henderson considered to be of significance.

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Addresses to SEP staff

All documents are handwritten.

Date Title Audience Location
1966 Jun 3 Smallpox eradication program Visiting international group, CDC Atlanta GA
1966 Jul Smallpox 1966 EIS Course, CDC Atlanta GA
*1966 Jul Origins of the CDC/USAID smallpox/measles program 1966 EIS Course, CDC Atlanta GA
*1966 Dec Smallpox eradication program Smallpox Seminar [Progress summary] New Delhi, India
1967 Spring Smallpox eradication Senior WHO Officers Training Program Geneva, Switzerland
1967 Jul Smallpox eradication EIS Course, CDC Atlanta GA
1967 Sep 5 Smallpox eradication Indian SEP workers New Delhi, India
*1968 Apr 10 Smallpox eradication program. Progress report WHO Regional Smallpox Advisors Meeting Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
*1968 Aug Smallpox eradication program WHO/National Institute for Disease Control (India) course New Delhi, India
1968 Sep Smallpox eradication WHO Regional Smallpox Advisors Meeting Kinshasa, Dem. Rep. Congo
1970 Jul The global smallpox eradication program CDC meeting on global programs Atlanta GA
1971 Feb Smallpox eradication Indian smallpox staff Agra, India
1971 Apr Immunization programs - Principles Indonesian smallpox staff Bandung, Indonesia
1971 Nov Smallpox eradication - Prospects for the future (typed) WHO Director General's Staff Conference Geneva, Switzerland
1974 Aug 14 Smallpox eradication program status Staff and WHO Regional Smallpox Advisors New Delhi, India
1979 Oct 29 Decision that smallpox had been eradicated. Nairobi, Kenya

Named Lectures

Date Title Lecture Sponsor Location
1975 May 1 Smallpox eradication—the final battle. J Clin Pathol 1975 28(11): 843-849 First Jenner Memorial Lecture Bristol Royal Infirmary UK
1977 Sep 30 The saga of smallpox eradication and beyond. Occasional Papers, Mary Imogene Bassett Hospital, Cooperstown NY. James Bordley III Lecture Mary Imogene Bassett Hospital Cooperstown NY
1977 Merck Sharpe and Dohme Lecture Canadian Public Health Association Ottawa, Canada
*1979 May 14 International catastrophes and national concerns Julia M. Jones Memorial Lecture American Lung Association and American Thoracic Society Las Vegas NV
1979 Nov 20 Death of a disease V.W. Scully Distinguished Lecture McMaster University Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
1980 Apr 4 Death of a virus Stephens Lecture Oberlin College Oberlin, Ohio
*1980 Oct 16 The eradication of smallpox Harben Lecture The Royal Society London, England
1980 Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene London, UK
1981 Feb 1 Lessons learned from smallpox Rameshwar Sharma Oration School of Medicine Jaipur, India
1982 Apr 23 The deliberate extinction of a species. Draft. Revised and publ in: Proc Am Philos Soc 1982 126(6): 461-471. American Philosophical Society
*1985 Oct 29 Lessons from the smallpox program 2nd P.D. Agarwal Memorial Oration Calcutta, India
1987 Agaard Lecture University of Washington Seattle WA
1987 Joseph Mountain Lecture Centers for Disease Control Atlanta GA
1987 Theodore Bloomfield Lecture* Case Western Reserve University Cleveland OH
1988 The Japan Prize Lecture Tokyo, Japan
1989 Phyllis Lewander Memorial Lecture Children’s Hospital National Medical Center Washington DC
1989 Jan 10 The worldwide eradication of smallpox. Houston Medicine 5: 102-114 John P. McGovern Lecture History of Medicine Society, Baylor College of Medicine Houston TX
*1990 Apr Community health: A new look Kathryn Boucot Sturgis Lecture American College of Preventive Medicine Washington DC
*1990 Nov Eradication: Pitfalls and promises Thomas Francis Memorial Lecture Univ of Michigan Ann Arbor MI
*1991 Oct 5 Academic health centers and the health of the nation John R. Hogness Lecture Assoc of Academic Health Centers Napa CA
*1992 Nov 19 New challenges for tropical medicine. Revised and publ in: Am J Trop Med Hyg 1993 49(2): 153-157 Charles Franklin Craig Lecture American Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Seattle WA
1992 Sigma XI Lecture University of Missouri Columbia MO
1993 Distinguished Lecturer in International Health U. of North Carolina
*1994 Oct 6 Eradication of poliomyelitis. Revised and publ in: Vaccines '95. Cold Spring Harbor NY, Cold Spring Harbor Press, 1995: 413-422 First Albert B. Sabin Gold Medal Albert B. Sabin Vaccine Foundation Cold Spring Harbor NY
*1994 Nov 28 Vaccination policies and practices. Revised and publ in: Aust J Public Health 1995 19(6):634-638 Fenner Oration 6th Frank and Bobbie Fenner Conference in Medical Research, Australian Academy of Sciences Canberra, Australia
1998 Feb26 The challenge of eradication: Lessons from past eradication campaigns. Revised and publ in: Int J Tuberc Lung Dis 1998 2(9 Suppl 1), S4-S8 Pittsfield Lecture North American Regional Meeting, International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease Vancouver, Canada
*1998 Mar 6 Emerging problems in infectious diseases. Revised for publ in University Lecture Series 19th Annual Reynolds Historical Lecture Univ of Alabama at Birmingham Birmingham AL
*1998 Apr 28 The siren song of eradication. Revised and publ in: J R Coll Physicians Lond 1998 32(6): 580-584 Lilly Lecture Royal College of Physicians (London) London, England
1998 Oct 23 Bioterrorism Griswold Lecture Hartford Hospital Hartford CT
1998 May 21 Bioterrorism Louis Weinstein Lecture Tufts-New England Medical Center Boston MA
1999 Oct 8 Bioterrorism Amberg-Helmholz Lecture Mayo Clinic Rochester MN
1999 Sep 30 Bioterrorism George Eastman Memorial Lecture University of Rochester Rochester NY
1999 Takeru Higuchi Lecture University of Kansas Lawrence KS
1999 Apr 5 Smallpox as a bioterrorist weapon Frank Calderone Prize and Lecture 75th anniversary, Columbia Univ School of Public Health New York NY
*1999 Apr The eradication of poliomyelitis (with Dr Ciro de Quadros, PAHO) Albert B. Sabin Lecture Washington DC
2000 Apr 27 Rudin Lecture Columbia University School of Medicine New York NY
2000 Apr 5 Bioterrorism James Steele Lecture U. of Texas School of Public Health
2000 Sigma Xi Lecture Queens College Flushing NY
2000 May 18 Bioterrorism Mel Reich Lecture George Washington University Washington DC
2000 Jun 23 Bioterrorism Stephen and Henry Krop Lecture Georgetown University Washington DC
2001 Mar 13 The looming threat of bioterrorism P.D. Agarwal Memorial Lecture Jaipur, India
2001 Mar 29 Smallpox: Death and resurrection of a virus Sylvia and Herbert Berger Award and Lecture New York Academy of Medicine New York NY
2002 Mar 18 Bioterrorism Theodore Woodward Lecture US Navy Occupational Health and Preventive Medicine Program Norfolk VA
2002 Mar 25 Bioterrorism John R. Hogness Lecture Assoc of Academic Health Centers Washington DC
2002 Oct 26 Virus disease eradication: Lessons still not learned Joseph Smadel Medal and Lecture Infectious Diseases Society of America Chicago IL
*2003 Jun 10 Voyages for the 21st century Gaylord Anderson lecture and honorary degree Univ of Minnesota School of Public Health Minneapolis MN
2003 Feb 27 Smallpox vaccine strategy: Lessons from history John Latta Lecture Univ of Nebraska Omaha NE
2003 Mar 3 A dark side to 21st century biology Ives Townsend Lecture Univ of South Carolina Columbia SC
2003 Dec 3 Smallpox: From historical curiosity to biological weapons threat John Siegel Distinguished Lecture New Jersey School of Medicine Newark NJ
2003 Dec 11 The smallpox saga: Still unwritten chapters Governor Winthrop Rockefeller Distinguished Lecture Univ of Arkansas College of Pharmacy Little Rock AR
2004 Jun 28 Plagues for the 21st century: A communications challenge Joseph Leiter Lecture National Library of Medicine; Medical Library Association Bethesda MD
2004 Oct 21 Smallpox: Death and resurrection Gairdner Foundation Scientific Lecture Gairdner Foundation Scientific Forum Toronto, Canada
2006 Great Decisions Lecture University of North Carolina at Wilmington
*2006 Mar 23 New infectious challenges for the 21st century Malcolm Adcock Lecture Univ of Cincinnati Cincinnati OH
2007 Anna Baetjer Lecture Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
2007 Abram Benenson Lecture U. of California, San Diego School of Public Health
2007 The Pumphandle Lecture London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
2008 John C. Cutler Memorial Lecture U. of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
2009 B.H. Kean Lecture Cornell U. School of Medicine
2011 Hertog Global Strategy Initiative Lecture Columbia University
*2012 Nov 14 Smallpox: Death of a Disease. Miracle and legacy 7th Unither Baruch Blumberg Lecture Univ of Oxford Oxford, England
*2013 Apr 22 Pivotal strategies in smallpox eradication Clements-Mann Lecture National Foundation for Infectious Diseases Baltimore MD
2015 Smallpox: Death of a disease—Its eradication and legacy Ministry of Public Health Thailand
2015 The threat of a virus Siraraj Faculty of Medicine Bangkok, Thailand
2015 Prince Mahidol Award keynote address. Bangkok, Thailand


* Theodore Bloomfield, an orchestra conductor and fellow Clevelander, was a neighbor of the Hendersons in Geneva.

Other Lectures and Addresses

Date Title Lecture Sponsor Location
*1961 Jul  Clam hepatitis Symposium FDA Washington DC
1962 May 11 Status of the polio vaccine (typed with edits) Maryland Public Health Association Baltimore MD
1966 Dec Smallpox - Virological problems National Institute of Communicable Diseases New Delhi, India
1968 Jul Smallpox eradication (handwritten) Medical seminar Lutheran Hospital Cleveland OH
*1969 Apr 14 Smallpox eradication (publication draft; never published) American Epidemiological Society Ann Arbor MI
*1970 Sep Airborne transmission of smallpox. A recent outbreak in Germany (annotated draft) US-Scottish Conference on Infectious Disease, 14-18 Sep International Epidemiological Association [?] Edinburgh, Scotland
1973 Jan Smallpox importation and the eradication program (typed with edits) Middlesex Hospital London, England
*1977 Nov 24 The saga of smallpox eradication: An end and a beginning Revised and publ in: Can J Public Health 1979 70(1): 21-27. Joint Meeting on Infectious Diseases, 24 Nov 1977 Canadian Development Agency, Canadian Dept of Health Ottawa, Canada
*1978 May 11 Health care, 1984 Keynote Address Maryland Public Health Association Baltimore MD
*1978 Jun 3 Commencement address Univ of Southern California School of Medicine Los Angeles CA
*1979 Mar 22 Smallpox eradication Annual Dinner Meeting, Dept of Pediatrics JHU School of Medicine Baltimore MD
*1979 Apr 17 Mobilization of health manpower to meet health needs: Lessons learned from the smallpox eradication program. Revised and publ in: Human Resources for Primary Health Care in the Middle East. American Univ of Beirut 1980: 140-150. Conference on Human Resources for Technology Transfer in Primary Health Care, Apr 1979 American Univ of Beirut Beirut, Lebanon
*1979 Dec 11 Prevention and public health Distinguished Service Award. 50th Anniversary Symposium Blue Cross/Blue Shield Chicago IL
*1980 Oct 7 Smallpox eradication: A lesson for preventive health care American Academy of Family Physicians New Orleans LA
*1980 Oct 26 Expanding horizons on a diminishing planet. Revised and publ in: Pediatrics 1981 67(5 pt 2):770-774 50th Anniversary American Academy of Pediatrics Detroit MI
*1981 Jan 8 The education of local medical officers Canadian health officials Ottawa, Canada
*1981 Oct 14 Eradication of smallpox Award of John Scott medal to Dr. Benjamin Rubin Philadelphia College of Physicians Philadelphia PA
*1982 Oct 13 Lessons learned from the smallpox experience Bicentennial Speaker Harvard School of Medicine Cambridge MA
*1982 Nov 9 Reflections on the relevance of graduate medical education in the US to developing countries Assoc of American Medical Colleges Washington DC
*1983 Oct 27 Lessons learned from the smallpox experience International Award of Merit Gairdner Foundation Toronto, Canada
*1984 Mar 13-15 Childhood immunization as an impetus to primary health care. Bellagio I. Protecting the World's Children: Vaccines and Immunization: March 13-15, 1984. Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio, Italy
*1984 Oct 29 Roles of the Schools of Public Health in the new age of vaccines Grantmakers in Health New York NY
*1985 May 14 Announcement of regional polio eradication. Includes PAHO announcement by Dr Carlyle Macedo, Director Launch of PAHO's campaign to eradicate polio in the Americas by 1990 Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Washington DC
*1985 Oct 24 Challenge and change in our health systems Convention Orator, National Convention on the Management of Health Systems Indian Institute of Health Management Research Jaipur, India
*1986 Jul 23 A revolution: Begun but not realized Keynote Speaker 18th International Pediatric Congress Honolulu HI
1987 Eradication of infectious diseases: Utopian or realistic? Ernst Jung Prize Symposium Ernst Jung Foundation for Science and Research Hamburg, Germany
*1988 Nov A report on polio eradication and the Expanded Program on Immunization Staff Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) Washington DC
*1988 Dec International health: Beginning of a revolution Lecture Series on High Technology Montgomery County Center, JHU School of Public Health Rockville MD
*1989 Feb 3 The second public health revolution Medical College of Jaipur Jaipur, India
*1989 Mar The School of Hygiene: Thoughts about the future. A personal view Faculty retreat JHU School of Public Health Baltimore MD
*1989 Apr Remarks on polio eradication and discussion Programs Committee Rotary International Foundation Phoenix AZ
*1989 May 3 Surveillance systems and intergovernmental cooperation Conference on Emerging Viruses Sponsor/organizer unknown Washington DC
*1989 Oct The child survival revolution Alumni lecture Univ of Rochester School of Medicine Rochester NY
*1990 Apr Child survival revolution Keynote address, World Health Week Vanderbilt Univ School of Medicine Nashville TN
*1990 May 16 Draft script for Dean Henderson's final Convocation Convocation exercises JHU School of Public Health Baltimore MD
*1990 Aug International health in development: Reflections on leaving the Research Advisory Committee US Agency for International Development (USAID) Research Advisory Committee Washington DC
*1990 Oct 29 Viruses: The next plague Engineering Colloquium National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Washington DC
*1990 Oct Polio eradication: Reflections Colloquium State Univ of New York Downstate Medical Center Stony Brook NY
*1990 Oct Can viral infections be eradicated? Centennial Symposium Univ of Helsinki Helsinki, Finland
*1991 Feb 25 Emerging microbial threats Committee on Microbial Threats to Health Institute of Medicine Washington DC
*1991 May 31 Strategies for the 21st century: Control or eradication Centennial Symposium on Tropical Medicine Univ of Texas Medical Branch Galveston TX
*1992 Feb 19 Preventive child health in the coming decades Plenary Address Child Health 2000 Conference Vancouver, Canada
*1992 Dec 1 Immunization and surveillance programs (handwritten outline) JHU Joint International Consultation on Cost-Effective Interventions for Health World Bank Review Baltimore MD
*1995 Jun 1 Global immunization: Victories and challenges Plenary Address 2nd Child Health 2000 Conference, 30 May-3 Jun 1995 Vancouver, Canada
*1995 Jul 9 The veterinarian and human disease Symposium National Academies of Practice Pittsburgh PA
*1995 Oct 16 Surveillance for emerging pathogens Symposium on Emerging Pathogens Institute of Medicine Washington DC
*1995 Oct 20 Pioneers, mavericks and missionaries 25th anniversary, Dept of Population Dynamics JHU School of Public Health Baltimore MD
1995 Oct 22 Dr George Lythcott. In memoriam New York NY
*1995 Oct 29 Vaccine and world health in the next century Frontiers of Science Univ of Florida Gainesville FL
*1996 Jan 8 Importance of infectious diseases in history Finnish Medical Assoc Helsinki, Finland
*1996 Jan 9 Perspectives on vaccination Finnish Medical Assoc Helsinki, Finland
*1996 Feb 23 New and emerging infections Applied Physics Laboratory Johns Hopkins Univ Howard County MD
*1996 May 6 The miracle of vaccination. Revised and publ in: Notes Rec R Soc Lond 1997 51(2), 235-245 The Royal Society (London) London, England
*1996 May 17 A new era for immunization Jung Foundation lecture Jung Foundation for Science and Research Hamburg, Germany
*1996 Jun 21 Molecular medicine: Solutions 50th anniversary symposium Johns Hopkins-Guys’ Hospital Exchange London, England
*1996 Jun 27 Disease eradication and control EuroConference Paris, France
*1997 Feb 26 Polio vaccine policies and eradication (handwritten outline with handouts) Student lecture JHU School of Public Health Baltimore MD
*1997 Sep 13 Biological terrorism: Who's concerned? Plenary address Infectious Diseases Society of America San Francisco CA
*1997 Oct 19 Emerging problems in infectious diseases Conference ABMAC (American Bureau for Medical Advancement in China) Taipei, Taiwan
*1997 Dec 4 Biological terrorism: Epidemiological realities Conference on Urban Bioterrorism Baltimore MD
*1998 Jan 8 Biological terrorism Joint seminar JHU School of Public Health and JHU School of Medicine Baltimore MD
*1998 Mar 10 Biological terrorism Conference on New and Emerging Infections CDC Atlanta GA
*1998 May 15 Smallpox and vaccination in the Civil War Civil War Medicine Symposium Lynchburg VA
*1998 May 20 Biological terrorism President's Forum American Society for Microbiology Atlanta GA
*1999 Feb 16 Opening addresses and scenarios (drafts) National Symposium on Medical and Public Health Response to Bioterrorism Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies; Dept of Health and Human Services; Infectious Diseases of America; American Society for Microbiology; and others Crystal City VA
*1999 Jul 20 Destruction of the smallpox virus (handwritten outline and annotated slides) Symposium Univ of Florida Gainesville FL
*1999 Jul 26 Bioterrorism: Milestones Student lecture JHU School of Public Health Baltimore MD
*1999 Aug 8 An impending World Cup: Man vs virus Keynote address International Congress on Virology Sydney, Australia
2001 Feb 1 Case studies of major eradication efforts: Smallpox. Implications for polio eradication. Revised and publ in: Considerations for Viral Disease Eradication: Lessons Learned and Future Strategies (Kobler S, Lederberg J, Pray LA, eds). National Academies Press, Washington DC, 2002: 34-40. Forum. Emerging Infections: Consequences of Viral Disease Eradication Institute of Medicine Washington DC
*2001 Feb 20 Factors favoring the emergence and spread of new microbial agents (slides) Pew Fellows in International Journalism JHU School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) Washington DC
*2002 Feb 28 Smallpox strategy and planning for vaccine reserves Student lecture JHU School of Public Health Baltimore MD
*2002 Oct 5 The threat and promise of a new biological world Dedication of Oberlin Science Center Oberlin College Oberlin OH
*2002 Oct 22 A policy dilemma: Smallpox vaccine Policy Fellows Brookings Institution Washington DC
*2002 Oct 24 Bioterrorism one year later: The threat and the opportunity for collaboration International Symposium on Health Care Policy The Commonwealth Fund, International Program in Health Policy and Practice Washington DC
*2003 Jan 28 Dreams and realities in disease eradication Fogarty Lecture Fogarty International Center,National Institutes of Health (NIH) Bethesda MD
*2003 Mar 26 Reflections on a career in public health Preventive Medicine/Public Health Ground Rounds JHU School of Public Health Baltimore MD
*2003 Apr 22 Smallpox vaccination policy. Incl article: Sepkowitz KA, How contagious is vaccinia? N Engl J Med 2003; 348:439-446. Student lecture JHU School of Public Health Baltimore MD
*2003 Sep 26 Ethics and bioterror vaccines World Vaccine Congress Lyon, France
*2003 Sep 26 Bioterrorism: the new challenges World Vaccine Congress Lyon, France
*2004 Apr 7 Smallpox: The death and resurrection of a virus Graduate students in epidemiology Yale Univ New Haven CT
*2004 Apr 25 Voyages for the 21st century Convocation Univ of Pittsburgh School of Public Health Pittsburgh PA
*2005 Jun 25 The challenge of infectious diseases in the 21st century Inaugural Lecture World Congress on Nephrology Singapore
*2005 Dec 14 Surveillance: The problem of disease detection Seminar: Preparing for Emerging Infectious Diseases Boston University; National Science Foundation Boston MA
*2006 Mar 6 Regulatory, legal, and ethical challenges in drug and vaccine approval Forum on Emerging Infections Institute of Medicine Washington DC
*2006 Apr 26 The future of public health Warrenton Conference MPAC PME/DTA Medical and Psychological Conference Warrenton VA
*2006 May 23 The public's trust and help in an epidemic Seminar on Involvement of the Public Sector Univ of Pittsburgh Center for Biosecurity Washington DC
*2006 Jul 11 Polio eradication 2006: A faded dream Visiting Professor; Seminar Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science Rochester MN
*2006 Jul 17 Smallpox: The threat, the response, and new vaccines Visiting Professor; Grand Rounds Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science Rochester MN
*2006 Sep 19 The smallpox eradication campaign Ethical and Legal Considerations in Mitigating Diseases Institute of Medicine Washington DC
*2012 Nov 2 Factors critical to smallpox eradication Graduate seminar JHU School of Public Health Baltimore MD
2012 Nov 1 Footnote to history: A view of the program Graduate seminar JHU School of Public Health Baltimore MD
*2013 May 20 Adventures into the unknown Commencement Address Univ of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Pittsburgh PA
*2013 Oct 4 A new era in public health: My years as Dean (intro by Dean M Klag) Portrait Dedication JHU School of Public Health Baltimore MD
*2014 Apr 13 John Bartlett and bioterrorism John Bartlett Symposium and Festschrift Baltimore MD
*2014 Jul 1 Infectious diseases: From complacency to concern to fear. A timeline Staff education Univ of Pittsburgh Center for Health Security Baltimore MD
*2014 Nov 18 A last salute to one of the greatest—Ciro de Quadros A Celebration of Dr. Ciro de Quadros Sabin Vaccine Institute Washington DC
*2015 Jan 29 Keynote address Prince Mahidol Award Bangkok, Thailand
*2015 Apr 14 Acceptance speech Charles Mérieux Medal National Foundation for Infectious Diseases Washington DC
*2015 May 22 A changing world: Smallpox, Ebola, measles—What's next? 50th Anniversary Alumni Address Oberlin College Oberlin OH
*2015 Jun 17 New threats for the 21st century: Ebola, measles, Chikungunya and more Annual issues Discussion Luncheon National Institute of Social Sciences New York NY
*2015 Jun 18 Science and politics of smallpox eradication Student lecture JHU School of Public Health Baltimore MD
*2016 May 10 A Dean discusses bioethics in his work Three Deans Forum on Bioethics JHU School of Public Health Baltimore MD