Smallpox Eraducation  Archives



Eastern Mediterranean Region

a. Ethiopia

b. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan


South East Asia Region

a. Bangladesh

b. India, Indonesia, Nepal, Bhutan

Motor pool

African Region

Includes countries of the CDC Smallpox Eradication and Measles Control Program

Smallpox recognition card

Clinical Smallpox

Includes WHO smallpox recognition cards

Bifurcated needle

Vaccine and Vaccination

Vaccination and variolation instruments (alone and in use), vaccine production, etc.

Ciro de Quadros

The Americas and Europe

Brazil, Colombia, Germany, Yugoslavia

Sitala Mata, India

Smallpox in History and Art

Smallpox deities, Jenneriana, and other items related to the history of smallpox and vaccination

Reward poster

Community Education

Smallpox recognition cards, posters, and other materials used in the CDC and WHO smallpox campaigns.

Order of the Bifurcated Needle

Commemorative and Memorabilia

Commemorative items, anniversaries, memorabilia.