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1966. Regional Committee. Minutes of the 3rd meeting. Smallpox eradication programme. WPR/RC17/Min/3 Rev. 1, pp. 159-68
[22 Sep 1966]


1979. Adverse reactions to smallpox vaccination. WER 36:276-7
Australia and United States. 7 Sep 1979

Cambodia (Kampuchea)

No content


1979. Special report on smallpox and its eradication in Yunnan Province, China. SME/79.10.
Department of Health, Yunnan Province
1979. Report on a visit to the People's Republic of China to consider matters relating to the certification of smallpox eradication, 14-30 July 1979. SME/79.11.
F Fenner, JG Breman
1979. Smallpox eradication in China. WHO/SE/79.142 (Rev. 1).
1979. Supplementary information to the report on smallpox eradication in China GC.WP/79.5

Lao People's Democratic Republic (Laos)

1967. Assessment survey—Laos. SE/SR/67.2.
T Phetsiriseng, S Falkland
In: Smallpox eradication surveillance report. No. 2, Dec 1967 (not distributed)


1979. Smallpox eradication in the Autonomous Region of Tibet in the People's Republic of China. WHO/SE/79.151.
Government of the People's Republic of China

Viet Nam

1978. Report to the Global Commission for Certification of Smallpox Eradication, Socialist Republic of Viet Nam. WHO/SE/78.133.
Ministry of Health, Viet Nam and WHO
1978. Report to the Global Commission for Certification of Smallpox Eradication—Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, Annex 6. SME/78.26.