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Smallpox Surveillance Reports

Last cases in Ethiopia

DA Henderson's working graph of cases in Ethiopia in the last stages of the eradication campaign, June-August 1976.

The Smallpox Surveillance Reports were issued about every 3 weeks beginning in June 1968. The series of 151 reports concluded in May 1980 with the World Health Assembly’s declaration that smallpox had been eradicated. The reports were reprinted from WHO's Weekly Epidemiological Record (see Related Archives). Most issues featured a brief overall summary and table, followed by a more detailed focus on a specific region, country, or practice (see list below). "Mid-year summaries" were prepared in early May for the annual May meetings of the World Health Assembly.

Tables supplementing the WER reports were added. These included tabulations of smallpox incidence by week and district for India (Report Nos. 42 – 118), Pakistan (Report Nos. 81 - 113), and Bangladesh (Report Nos. 81 - 123).


Report No. Date Focus
SE/SR/67.1 Sep 1967    Rejected by Director-General - not distributed
WER 37 15-Sep-67 No. of cases reported by country
WER 48 01-Dec-67 No. of cases reported by country
SE/SR/67.2 Dec 1967 Rejected by Director-General - not distributed
No. 1WER 23 07-Jun-68 Global
No. 2WER 25 21-Jun-68 Global
No. 3WER 27 05-Jul-68 West and Central Africa
No. 4WER 29 19-Jul-68 East and South Africa
No. 5 WER 31 02-Aug-68 South America
No. 6WER 33 16-Aug-68 Asia
No. 7WER 35 30-Aug-68 West and Central Africa
No. 8WER 37 13-Sep-68 Brazil. Importation: Belgium
No. 9WER 39 27-Sep-68 East and South Africa. Sudan
No. 10WER 41 11-Oct-68 India; Comparison of reported cases and rates per 100,00 in India 1967-68
No. 11WER 43 25-Oct-68 East and West Pakistan; Reported cases world-wide 1959-67
No. 12WER 45 08-Nov-68 Africa
No. 13WER 47 22-Nov-68 Brazil
No. 14WER 50 13-Dec-68 Burma; Comparison of reported cases and rates per 100,00 in India 1967-68


Report No. Date Focus
No. 15WER 2 10-Jan-69 Global end-of-year summary — 1968
No. 16WER 4 24-Jan-69 India (Madras City); Annex — Multiple case outbreaks in Madras City
No. 17WER 6 07-Feb-69 West and Central Africa. Outbreak: Sierra Leone
No. 18WER 8 21-Feb-69 Outbreaks in non-endemic countries (Cameroon, Ghana, Sudan, South Africa); Brazil — Outbreak in a city "100% vaccinated"
No. 19WER 10 07-Mar-69 East and South Africa. Distribution by age and vaccination status.
No. 20WER 12 21-Mar-69 Outbreaks: Mali/Upper Volta border
No. 21WER 14 03-Apr-69 Outbreaks: East Pakistan
No. 22WER 16 18-Apr-69 Indonesia
No. 23WER 18 02-May-69 West and Central Africa: Surveillance and containment programme: Strategy
No. 24WER 20 16-May-69 East and South Africa
No. 25WER 23 06-Jun-69 Brazil
No. 26WER 25 20-Jun-69 East Pakistan
No. 27WER 27 04-Jul-69 Global mid-year summary — 1969
No. 28WER 30 25-Jul-69 East Africa: Trends in Burundi, Kenya, Uganda, and United Republic of Tanzania 1966-69; Outbreak: Malawi
No. 29WER 33 15-Aug-69 Sudan
No. 30WER 36 05-Sep-69 Indonesia
No. 31WER 39 26-Sep-69 Democratic Republic of the Congo
No. 32WER 42 17-Oct-69 India (Madras City)
No. 33WER 45 07-Nov-69 Brazil
No. 34WER 48 28-Nov-69 West and Central Africa
No. 35WER 51/52 23-Dec-69 East Pakistan


Report No. Date Focus
No. 36WER 3 16-Jan-70 Global end-of-year summary — 1969
No. 37WER 6 06-Feb-70 Variolation; Outbreak: Germany
No. 38WER 9 27-Feb-70 Smallpox vaccine and vaccination techniques. Efficacy and acceptability of
multiple puncture with bifurcated needle (India); Outbreak: Germany
No. 39WER 13 26-Mar-70 Smallpox trends in India
No. 40WER 16 17-Apr-70 Indonesia
No. 41WER 19 08-May-70 Global mid-year summary — 1970
Report Nos. 42 - 118 included a table of smallpox incidence in India by week and district. This table was supplementary to the WER report.
No. 42WER 23 04-Jun-70 Outbreak: Germany
No. 43WER 26 26-Jun-70 Outbreak: Nigeria
No. 44WER 29 17-Jul-70 Eastern Africa
No. 45WER 32 07-Aug-70 Persistent endemic smallpox in rural areas — East Pakistan
No. 46WER 35 28-Aug-70 Africa; Sudan
No. 47WER 38 18-Sep-70 South America; Argentina, Brazil
No. 48WER 41 9-Oct-70 Europe
No. 49WER 44 30-Oct-70 Argentina
No. 50WER 47 20-Nov-70 Asia
No. 51WER 51 18-Dec-70 Afghanistan


Report No. Date Focus
No. 52WER 35 15-Jan-71 Global end-of-year summary — 1970
No. 53WER 6 05-Feb-71 Smallpox incidence in southern India; Smallpox Eradication Programme in Andhrapradesh State
No. 54WER 10 05-Mar-71 Importations: Trucial Sheikdom, Iran. Smallpox-like illness in Africa [monkeypox]
No. 55WER 13 26-Mar-71 Transmission in well-vaccinated populations: Afghanistan, Indonesia
No. 56WER 16 16-Apr-71 Kenya; Brazil
No. 57WER 19 07-May-71 Global mid-year summary — 1971
No. 58WER 23 04-Jun-71 Ethiopia; Sudan
No. 59WER 26 25-Jun-71 East Pakistan
No. 60WER 29 16-Jul-71 Transmission in families (India)
No. 61WER 33 13-Aug-71 Democratic Republic of the Congo
No. 62WER 36 03-Sep-71 Change in vaccination policy (UK)
No. 63WER 40 01-Oct-71 Transmission between villages (West Pakistan)
No.64WER 44 29-Oct-71 East and West Pakistan
No. 65WER 48 26-Nov-71 South America
No. 66WER 51 17-Dec-71 India


Report No. Date Focus
No. 67WER 2 14-Jan-72 Global end-of-year summary — 1971
No. 68WER 6 11-Feb-72 Mainland Asia; Southern Africa
No. 69WER 10 10-Mar-72 Zaire
No. 70WER 14 07-Apr-72 Ethiopia — The first 12 months
No. 70AWER 18 21-Apr-72 Outbreak: Yugoslavia
No. 71WER 18 05-May-72 Global mid-year summary — 1972
No. 72WER 23 09-Jun-72 Bangladesh
No. 73WER 26 30-Jun-72 Ethiopia and Sudan
No. 74WER 28 14-Jul-72 Mainland Asia
No. 75WER 30 28-Jul-72 Botswana
No. 76WER 33 18-Aug-72 Ethiopia and Sudan
No. 77WER 35 01-Sep-72 Asian Sub-continent
No. 78WER 37 15-Sep-72 Ethiopia and Sudan
No. 79WER 39 29-Sep-72 Asian Sub-continent
No. 80WER 42 20-Oct-72 Asian Sub-continent
Report Nos. 81 - 113 and 81-123 included tables of smallpox incidence in Pakistan and Bangladesh, respectively, by week and district. These tables were supplementary to the WER report.
No. 81WER 46 17-Nov-72 Africa
No. 82WER 48 01-Dec-72 Subcontinent of Asia
No. 83WER 51 22-Dec-72 Sudan and Ethiopia; Botswana


Report No. Date Focus
No. 84WER 2 12-Jan-73 Global end-of-year summary — 1972
No. 85WER 5 02-Feb-73 Asian Sub-continent
No. 86WER 8 23-Feb-73 Sudan and Ethiopia
No. 87WER 11 16-Mar-73 Asian Sub-continent; Importation: UK
No. 88WER 13 30-Mar-73 Ethiopia and Sudan
No. 89WER 15 13-Apr-73 Asian Sub-continent; Importations: Japan, UK
No. 90WER 18 04-May-73 Global mid-year summary — 1973
No. 91WER 22 01-Jun-73 Sudan
No. 92WER 26 29-Jun-73 Asian Sub-continent; Map of Bangladesh reporting units
No. 93WER 29 20-Jul-73 Africa
No. 94WER 32 10-Aug-73 Strategy of smallpox eradication for smallpox-free areas: Nepal; Corissa State, India
No. 95WER 35 31-Aug-73 Ethiopia — Sudan
No. 96WER 38 21-Sep-73 Asian Sub-continent
No. 97WER 42 19-Oct-73 Ethiopia; Botswana
No. 98WER 46 16-Nov-73 Asian Sub-continent; Botswana. Importations: Somalia, French Territory of the Afars and Issas [Djibouti], Nepal
No. 99WER 50 14-Dec-73 Ethiopia; India; Pakistan. Bangladesh


Report No. Date Focus
No. 100WER 2 11-Jan-74 Global end-of-year summary — 1973
No. 101WER 6 08-Feb-74 Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Pakistan
No. 102WER 10 08-Mar-74 Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Pakistan
No. 103 WER 15 11-Apr-74 Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Pakistan
No. 104WER 19 10-May-74 Global mid-year summary — 1974
No. 105WER 24 14-Jun-74 Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Pakistan
No. 106WER 28 12-Jul-74 Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Pakistan
No. 107WER 32 09-Aug-74 Bangladesh, India, Pakistan
No. 108WER 36 06-Sep-74 Bangladesh, India, Pakistan
No. 109WER 40 04-Oct-74 Bangladesh, India, Pakistan; Smallpox and vaccinia
No. 110WER 44 01-Nov-74 Bangladesh, India, Pakistan
No. 111WER 50 13-Dec-74 Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Pakistan


Report No. Date Focus
No. 112WER 3 17-Jan-75 Global end-of-year summary — 1974
No. 113 WER 8 21-Feb-75 Bangladesh; India.
No. 114 WER 12 21-Mar-75 Bangladesh
No. 115 WER 17 25-Apr-75 Ethiopia; Bangladesh
No. 116 WER 20 16-May-75 Global mid-year summary — 1975
No. 117 WER 24 13-Jun-75 Bangladesh; India
No. 118 WER 28 11-Jul-75 Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Pakistan
No. 119 WER 32 08-Aug-75 Asian sub-continent; Ethiopia; Smallpox Count-down introduced
No. 120 WER 38 19-Sep-75 Bangladesh, India, Ethiopia; Suspect cases: Mozambique
No. 121 WER 43 24-Oct-75 Bangladesh, Ethiopia
No. 122 WER 46 14-Nov-75 Bangladesh
No. 123 WER 51 19-Dec-75 Ethiopia, Bangladesh


Report No. Date Focus
No. 124 WER 3 16-Jan-76 Global end-of-year summary — 1975
No. 125 WER 8 20-Feb-76 Ethiopia
No. 126 WER 13 26-Mar-76 Ethiopia
No. 127 WER 19 07-May-76 Global mid-year summary — 1976
No. 128 WER 25 18-Jun-76 Ethiopia
No. 129 WER 31 30-Jul-76 Ethiopia
No. 130 WER 47 19-Nov-76 Ethiopia, Somalia; Smallpox and the smallpox programme in Somalia
No. 131 WER 2 14-Jan-77 Global end-of-year summary — 1976
No. 132 WER 9 04-Mar-77 Kenya. Somalia. Ethiopia
No. 133 WER 18 06-May-77 Global mid-year summary —1977
No. 134 WER 23 10-Jun-77 Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia
No. 135 WER 29 22-Jul-77 Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia
No. 136 WER 34 26-Aug-77 Somalia
No. 137 WER 40 07-Oct-77 Nairobi meeting Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Djibouti
No. 138 WER 49 09-Dec-77 Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti


Report No. Date Focus
No. 139 WER 2 13-Jan-78 Global end-of-year summary — 1977
No. 140 WER 14 07-Apr-78 Eastern Africa: Last known smallpox foci
No. 141 WER 18 05-May-78 Global mid-year summary — 1978
No. 142 WER 30 28-Jul-78 Laboratories retaining variola virus
No. 143 WER 31 04-Aug-78 Somalia; Global certification of smallpox eradication
No. 144 WER 1 05-Jan-79 Global end-of-year summary — 1978
No. 145 WER 5 02-Feb-79 Vaccination policy; Current status of vaccination policy in individual countries; Vaccine reserves
No. 146 WER 16 20-Apr-79 Human monkeypox in West Africa
No. 147 WER 18 04-May-79 Global mid-year summary — 1979
No. 148 WER 39 28-Sep-79 Certification of smallpox eradication; Variola virus in laboratories; Poxvirus research; Vaccination policy
No. 149 WER 1 04-Jan-80 Certification of smallpox eradication
No. 150 WER 17 25-Apr-80 Smallpox eradication
No. 151 WER 20 16-May-80 Declaration of Global Eradication of Smallpox