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Seminars and Meetings

The Smallpox Eradication Program held frequent regional seminars and meetings. Participants included national programme staff, WHO smallpox advisers, and smallpox eradication staff from the regional offices and WHO Headquarters. WHO Regional Officers from the 4 endemic regions were invited to all meetings from 1967 to 1970 and to the 1972 seminar in New Delhi, India.

Note: This section is not complete. It includes only those meetings for which documents have so far been located.

1960 Inter-Regional Smallpox Conference. New Delhi, India. 14-19 Nov 1960

Title Authors Source
Epidemiological considerations of smallpox control Soewondo R SEA/SPX/Conf 3
Report on the [Peruvian] smallpox vaccination campaign carried out during the period October 1950 - December 1955. Presented at the Seminar on Smallpox Vaccination, Lima, Peru, 20-25 Aug 1956 de la Fuente EA WHO/Smallpox/12 PDF
Annual report of the national anti-smallpox vaccination programme in the Republic of Colombia, 1959 WHO/Smallpox/13 PDF
Smallpox in India as assessed from the incidence of reported smallpox cases per 100,000 population by districts Patnaik LC SEA/SPX/Conf 8
Organization of a smallpox eradication campaign Arasteh C SEA/SPX/Conf 10
Local and social aspects of the smallpox eradication campaign Pandit CG SEA/SPX/Conf 4
Educational aspects of the smallpox eradication campaign Ramakrishna V SEA/SPX/Conf 9
Eradication vs control of smallpox Frederiksen H SEA/SPX/Conf 5
[Evaluation of smallpox vaccination programs]. French Cruickshank R WHO/Smallpox/15 PDF
Smallpox vaccine and vaccination technique Ahmad N SEA/SPX/Conf 6
Co-ordination of smallpox eradication campaign with other campaigns and with the general activities of the public health service Chandravimol P SEA/SPX/Conf 7
International aspects of smallpox eradication WHO WHO/Smallpox/14 PDF
Report of the Inter-Regional Smallpox Conference WHO/Smallpox/17 PDF
List of participants WHO/Smallpox/17 Annex I PDF
Programme of work WHO/Smallpox/17 Annex III PDF
Compulsory or voluntary vaccinationWHO SecretariatA13 Technical Discussions 2

1964 Expert Committee on Smallpox. Geneva, Switzerland. 14-20 Jan 1964

Title Authors Source
WHO Expert Committee on Smallpox. 1st Report WHO Technical Report Series No. 283 PDF
Draft agenda WHO Smallpox/WP/1 PDF
Review of smallpox situation in the world WHO Smallpox/WP/12 PDF
Factors involved in transmission of smallpox and duration of immunity Dixon CW Smallpox/WP/7 PDF
A study of 240 cases of haemorrhagic smallpox Rao AR Smallpox/WP/22 PDF
Correlation between antibody levels and vaccination reaction Benenson AS Smallpox/WP/15 PDF
Comparative study of the virus neutralising antibody levels and types of skin reaction in smallpox revaccinated persons Svet-Moldavskaya IA, Marennikova SS, Akatova-Shelukhina EM, Ogorodnikova ZI Smallpox/WP/25 PDF
The relation between potency of vaccine used in smallpox vaccination and immunity produced Polak MF Smallpox/WP/9 PDF
Immunity in relation to the number of insertions Benenson AS Smallpox/WP/21 PDF
Laboratory aspects Downie AW Smallpox/WP/2 PDF
Bleeding and coagulation studies in smallpox and chicken-pox, Madras, India, 1962-63 Kempe CH Smallpox/WP/5 PDF
The viruses of variola major, variola minor and atypical strains Downie AW Smallpox/WP/14 PDF
Smallpox vaccines Kaplan C Smallpox/WP/10 PDF
A comparison of vaccinia virus strains used for production in various countries Marennikova SS, Nal'ceva NN Smallpox/WP/16 PDF
The composition of genetically heterogeneous smallpox vaccines and methods of purifying them Marennikova SS, JZ Genden, Nal'ceva NN,FB Genkins, VI Čornos Smallpox/WP/23 PDF
Chemoprophylaxis and chemotherapy Downie AW, Kempe CH Smallpox/WP/3 PDF
The use of vaccinia hyperimmune gamma-globulin in the prophylaxis of smallpox Kempe CH Smallpox/WP/4 PDF
Hyperimmune antivaccinia gamma globulin from animal sera Marennikova SS, Akatova-Shelukhina EM, Maltseva NN, Ghenkina PB, VN Milushkin, Miniovich FL Smallpox/WP/24 PDF
Criterion for smallpox eradication WHO Smallpox/WP/11 PDF
The planning, organization and execution of smallpox vaccination campaign in Pakistan Haque NS Smallpox/WP/13 PDF
Planning, organization and execution of national smallpox eradication campaign in India Lal KM Smallpox/WP/19 PDF
Assessment and evaluation of the national smallpox eradication programme in different parts of India Lal KM Smallpox/WP/26 PDF
Smallpox eradication programme in Ghana. Grant FC Smallpox/WP.20 PDF
Measures to be taken in case of outbreaks in countries free from smallpox Polak MF Smallpox/WP/8 PDF
International certificate of vaccination or revaccination against smallpox WHO Smallpox/WP/6 PDF

1967 Inter-Regional Seminar on Smallpox Eradication. Bangkok, Thailand. 11-16 Dec 1967

This was the first seminar conducted by the SEP. It included national and WHO staff from 13 countries of the South-East Asia, Eastern Mediterranean, and Western Pacific Regions. The few surviving documents were found among DA Henderson's personal papers. This compiled Conference document includes:

  • List of participants
  • List of working papers (annotated draft)
  • Opening speech (DA Henderson)
  • Smallpox eradication — Background (DA Henderson)
  • Concluding narrative summary (author(s) unknown)

1968 Traveling Seminar on Vaccine Production. 19-30 Mar 1968

A 1967 WHO survey of vaccine concluded that not more than 10% of the vaccine used in endemic countries met WHO standards. The urgent need to simultaneously improve vaccine production in at least 20 laboratories prompted the Smallpox Eradication unit to convene a panel of experts. The working papers below were presented at the first meeting (WHO, Geneva, Switzerland, 19-23 Mar). The panel visited and reviewed vaccine production and data at major vaccine contributors in the US and USSR. A manual on freeze-dried smallpox vaccine production was prepared at a second meeting (Wyeth Laboratories, Philadelphia PA, 28-30 Mar).

The manual, Methodology of Freeze-dried Smallpox Vaccine Production (SE/68.3 Rev.2), provided a step-by-step description of the simplest procedures for all stages of production and testing of a potent, stable, and safe vaccine. Never officially published by WHO, it was made widely available as a document of the Smallpox Eradication unit. It was distributed to all laboratories interested in the production of vaccine.

Note: Individual papers have not yet been located but are listed because of their significance to the programme.

Title Authors Source
List of participants and working papers SE/68.3 Rev.2 Appendix 19 PDF
Methodology of freeze-dried smallpox vaccine production Kaplan C, Hekker AC WP/1
The International Reference preparation of smallpox vaccine WP/2
Stability and preservability of freeze-dried smallpox vaccine with different moisture contents Nomura M et al. WP/3
Relation of the PFU value to the volume of inoculum in the titration of vaccinia virus on the chorio-allantoic membrane of the chick embryo Slonim D WP/4
Recommendations relating to the manufacture of smallpox vaccine WP/5
Status of freeze-dried vaccine production WHO WP/6
Comparison of capacities of various freeze-dryers WHO WP/7
Effect of 1% phenol on several bacterial and viral species Slonim D
Attempt to utilize 1% phenol for bacterial sterilization of calf lymph smallpox vaccine Slonim D WP/9
Phenolization of smallpox vaccine Hekker AC WP/10
An alternate heat stability test Hekker AC WP/11
Vaccine production data - Rijks Instituut Hekker AC WP/12
Stability of reconstituted vaccine Hekker AC WP/13
A note on the preservation of the infectious activity of vaccinia virus by means of glycerine Slonim D WP/14
Some factors influencing quality and quantity of infectious pulp yields in calf skin inoculated with vaccinia virus Slonim D WP/15
Vaccinia virus stability during storage in fluid suspension at +2°C to +4°C , during lyophilization procedure and during storage in lyophilized form at +37°C Slonim D WP/16
The influence of the atmosphere of sealing on the stability of freeze-dried smallpox vaccine Kaplan C WP/17
Virus strains for smallpox vaccine production Marennikova SS WP/18
Production method for freeze-dried smallpox vaccine Fenje P WP/20
Stability study on freeze-dried vaccine exposed to room atmosphere before sealing Schneider R WP/21
Results of heat resistance testing at 37°C and 45°C of RIV Vaccine 6664 reconstituted with diluents of different glycerine contents Hekker AC WP/22
Stability of smallpox vaccine freeze-dried with or without stabilizers and sealed under different conditions Hekker AC WP/23
Information regarding vaccine production - Connaught Medical Research Laboratory Wilson RJ WP/24
Dryvax® - Production and control testing experience Bernstein A WP/25
Four extracts from papers dealing with miscellaneous aspects of freeze-dried smallpox vaccine production WP/26
Production of smallpox vaccine on calf skin with different strains of vaccinia virus Hekker AC WP/27.
Vaccine production data - Research Institute of Virus Preparations, USSR Marennikova SS WP/28
Stability of dried smallpox vaccine at various temperatures Fenje P WP/29
Smallpox·vaccine production in a limited number of passages in one animal species Marennikova SS, Milushin VN, Chimishkyan KL WP/30
Notes on smallpox vaccine production methods in South American laboratories Fenje P WP/31

1968 Meeting of Regional Advisers on Smallpox Eradication. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 3-10 Apr 1968

This early meeting of WHO Regional Advisers discussed the programme's plans and needs, providing recommendations for WHO and its Regional Offices. The appointment of a full-time Regional Smallpox Eradication Adviser was requested. The surviving documents below are from DA Henderson's personal papers:

1968 Inter-Country Smallpox Eradication Seminar. Kinshasa, DR Congo. 19-26 Nov 1968

Southern and Eastern Africa

Title Authors Source
[Participants and programme]. French DA Henderson personal papers PDF
Opening speech DA Henderson personal papers PDF
Status of smallpox eradication activities (sample data form) SE/68.4 PDF
Status of smallpox eradication activities: Botswana SE/68.13 PDF
Status of smallpox eradication activities: DR Congo SE/68.11 PDF
Status of smallpox eradication activities: Kenya SE/68.18 PDF
Status of smallpox eradication activities: Malawi SE/68.15 PDF
Status of smallpox eradication activities: Sudan SE/68.20 PDF
Status of smallpox eradication activities: Tanzania SE/68.10 PDF
Status of smallpox eradication activities: Uganda SE/68.12 PDF
Status of smallpox eradication activities: Zambia SE/68.14 PDF
Instructions and sample data form for field assessment SE/68.16, SE/68.17 PDF

1969 Joint WHO/CDC/USAID Seminar on Smallpox Eradication and Measles Control in Western and Central Africa. Lagos, Nigeria. 13-20 May 1969

Title Authors Source
Provisional agenda PDF
Recommendation PDF
PROCEEDINGS. Part I CDC, SEP Report IV(1):1-66
[10.5 MB]
Dedication, preface, participants, table of contents, opening of the conference CDC, SEP Report IV(1):1-8 PDF
The global status of smallpox eradication Henderson DA CDC, SEP Report IV(1):10-20 PDF
Development and status of the Smallpox Eradication and Measles Control Programme in West Africa Millar JD CDC, SEP Report IV(1):21-27a PDF
Epidemiology of smallpox in West and Central Africa WH Foege CDC, SEP Report IV(1):29-35a PDF
Execution of smallpox eradication-measles control programme in Guinea Barry El-Hadj A CDC, SEP Report IV(1):36-40 PDF
Results of investigation and control programme in Sierra Leone Cummings EC, Hopkins DR, Thornton JN CDC, SEP Report IV(1):41-44 PDF
Use of house-to-house surveys in finding smallpox cases Agle AN CDC, SEP Report IV(1):45-46 PDF
Persistence of smallpox in remote unvaccinated villages Imperato P, Sow O, LaPointe M, Vastine D, TA Leonard CDC, SEP Report IV(1):47-51 PDF
Associated with exposure at a funeral ceremony: Smallpox outbreak, Yawei Chiefdom, Kailahun District, Sierra Leone Cummings EC, Hopkins DR, Thornton JN CDC, SEP Report IV(1):52-54 PDF
Role of migrant groups in the transmission of smallpox in Mali Sow O CDC, SEP Report IV(1):55-56 PDF
A study of smallpox in the Tuaregs in Tahoua, Niger Masso AR CDC, SEP Report IV(1):57-58 PDF
Notes on variolation Glokpor GF CDC, SEP Report IV(1):59-61 PDF
The role of fetish practices in vaccination campaigns Robbins GE CDC, SEP Report IV(1):62-64 PDF
Summary: Smallpox Millar JD CDC, SEP Report IV(1):65-66 PDF
PROCEEDINGS. Part II CDC, SEP Report IV(2):1-125
Table of contents CDC, SEP Report IV(2):1-2 PDF
Epidemiological characteristics of measles in West and Central Africa Millar JD CDC, SEP Report IV(2):4-8 PDF
Measles in Douala Peters B, Delas A CDC, SEP Report IV(2):9-14 PDF
Bouar measles epidemic, Central African Republic Ewen N CDC, SEP Report IV(2):15-18 PDF
Measles in Lagos, Nigeria Smith EA, Daniels SO, Foster SO CDC, SEP Report IV(2):19-26 PDF
Measles epidemic near Salo, Central African Republic Durand B CDC, SEP Report IV(2):27-29 PDF
Measles in areas of malnutrition Smith EA, Foster SO CDC, SEP Report IV(2):30-36 PDF
A comparison of measles virus vaccines Hendrickse RG CDC, SEP Report IV(2):37-39 PDF
Measles vaccination with reduced dosage
[Based on Hendrickse RG, Montefiore D: Measles vaccination with reduced dosage. Brit Med J 1968 4:28-30]
Hendrickse RG CDC, SEP Report IV(2):40-43 PDF
Smallpox surveillance in the strategy of global eradication Henderson DA CDC, SEP Report IV(2):46-52 PDF
The value of surveillance newsletters Smith EA, Foster SO CDC, SEP Report IV(2):53-57 PDF
The surveillance system and methods used to improve reporting, I. Togo Agbodjan LP CDC, SEP Report IV(2):58-59 PDF
The surveillance system and methods used to improve reporting, II. Dahomey Yekpe M CDC, SEP Report IV(2):60-62 PDF
The surveillance system and methods used to improve reporting, III. Niger Alzouma I CDC, SEP Report IV(2):63-65 PDF
Surveillance techniques for detecting importations of smallpox Grant FC CDC, SEP Report IV(2):66-68 PDF
Assessment of surveillance systems in West Africa Henderson RH CDC, SEP Report IV(2):69-72 PDF
Summary: Surveillance Henderson DA CDC, SEP Report IV(2):73-74 PDF
Intercountry cooperation and coordination. An overview Lythcott GI CDC, SEP Report IV(2):76-77 PDF
Proposals for intercountry coordination Tchellé L CDC, SEP Report IV(2):78-79 PDF
Experiences in Upper Volta with intercountry coordination of containment activities d'Amanda C CDC, SEP Report IV(2):80-81 PDF
Benefits of intercountry coordination Agle AN CDC, SEP Report IV(2):82 PDF
Principles of assessment Henderson RH CDC, SEP Report IV(2):86-89 PDF
Concurrent assessment during the smallpox eradication/measles control programme in Guinea - December 1967 through February 1969 Alécaut B, Breman JG, Famba MK CDC, SEP Report IV(2):90-96 PDF
Concurrent assessment of the Smallpox Eradication Programme in Mid-West State, Nigeria Mebitaghan IS, Okoh PA CDC, SEP Report IV(2):97-102 PDF
Assessment in the Central African Republic Ewen N CDC, SEP Report IV(2):103-108 PDF
Assessment of vaccination coverage and smallpox in five areas of West Africa. A summary of terminal assessment results Henderson RH, Davis H, Eddins D CDC, SEP Report IV(2):109-132 PDF
Summary: Concurrent assessment Millar JD CDC, SEP Report IV(2):133-135 PDF
Introduction: Principles and goals of maintenance programmes Millar JD CDC, SEP Report IV(2):138-139 PDF
Measles control in The Gambia N'Dow PJ, Helmholz RC CDC, CDC, SEP Report IV(2):140-144 PDF
Urban measles control Adetosoye JI CDC, CDC, SEP Report IV(2):145-148 PDF
The measles control programme in Dakar, Senegal Seck M, Helmholz RC CDC, SEP Report IV(2):149-150 PDF
Maintenance of measles control in Kano State, Nigeria Arnold RB CDC, SEP Report IV(2):151-156 PDF
Measles control in areas of low population density Gilles JC CDC, SEP Report IV(2):157-160 PDF
Alternative approaches to measles control using fixed centres Thompson DM CDC, SEP Report IV(2):161-164 PDF
Theoretical and practical problems in measles control Millar JD CDC, SEP Report IV(2):165-176 PDF
Smallpox eradication in Africa: Principles for action in the maintenance phase Binson B CDC, SEP Report IV(2):177-180 PDF
Maintenance of smallpox immunity among the nomads Alzouma I CDC, SEP Report IV(2):181-182 PDF
Investigation of imported cases during the Smallpox Eradication Programme in Cameroon Delas A CDC, SEP Report IV(2):183-187 PDF
Summary: Maintenance programmes Millar JD CDC, SEP Report IV(2):188-189 PDF
A review of West African operations: Methods and tactics Hicks JW CDC, SEP Report IV(2):192-198 PDF
The value, efficiency, and limitations of collecting points in mass vaccination programmes Smith EA, Foster SO, Adetosoye JI, Mebitaghan IS, Adeoye PO, Pifer JM CDC, SEP Report IV(2):199-204 PDF
Comparative advantages of jet injectors and bifurcated needles Glokpor GF CDC, SEP Report IV(2):205-207 PDF
Advantages and disadvantages of specialized and multi-purpose medical teams Roux JM CDC, SEP Report IV(2):208-212 PDF
Safety, efficacy, and priorities in multiple antigen usage Hendrickse RG CDC, SEP Report IV(2):213-215 PDF
Associated vaccine campaigns. Organization and logistics Labusquière R CDC, SEP Report IV(2):216-220 PDF
Programme costs as related to vaccinations, morbidity and mortality in The Gambia N'Dow PJ CDC, SEP Report IV(2):221-223 PDF
Summary: Programme operations Henderson DA CDC, SEP Report IV(2):224-225 PDF
Status of smallpox eradication programme, May 1969 SE/69.20 PDF
Status of smallpox eradication activities (sample data form) SE/69.6 Rev 1 PDF
Country Report: Cameroon SE/69.10 PDF
Country Report: Central African Republic SE/69.17 PDF
Country Report: Chad SE/69.15 PDF
Country Report: Dahomey (Benin) SE/69.18 PDF
Country Report: Gabon SE/69.14 PDF
Country Report: The Gambia SE/69.16 PDF
Country Report: Ghana SE/69.9 PDF
Country Report: Guinea SE/69.21 PDF
Country Report: Liberia SE/69.13 PDF
Country Report: Mali SE/69.23 PDF
Country Report: Niger SE/69.19 PDF
Country Report: Nigeria SE/69.22 PDF
Country Report: Nigeria (Northern States) SE/69.24 PDF
Country Report: Senegal SE/69.11 PDF
Country Report: Sierra Leone SE/69.8 PDF
Country Report: Togo SE/69.12 PDF
Country Report: Upper Volta (Burkina Faso) SE/69.25 PDF

1970 Inter-Regional Seminar on Surveillance and Assessment in Smallpox Eradication. New Delhi, India. 30 Nov-5 Dec 1970

South-East Asia, Eastern Mediterranean, and African Regions

Title Authors Source
Preface and table of contents WHO/SE/71.30:002-4 PDF
Summary - Status of the global programme Henderson DA WHO/SE/71.30:6-12 PDF
Review of the status of smallpox in the South-East Asia Region Oles A WHO/SE/71.30:13-23 PDF
Status of the smallpox eradication programmes in the Eastern Mediterranean Region Shafa E WHO/SE/71.30:24-30 PDF
The Smallpox Eradication Programme in Sierra Leone Cummings EC WHO/SE/71.30:32-44 PDF
Recurrence of smallpox in Nigeria 1970 Foege WH WHO/SE/71.30:45-51 PDF
Problems of border areas in West Africa Foege WH WHO/SE/71.30:52-8 PDF
Surveillance in the Brazilian smallpox eradication programme, 1970 de Faria GB, de Carvalho Filho EC, Rodrigues BA, Ponce de Leon J WHO/SE/71.30:60-70 PDF
Investigation of hospital-associated smallpox: Vitoria, Espirito Santo Morris L, de Lemos AL, da Silva OJ WHO/SE/71.30:71-8 PDF
Smallpox surveillance in Afghanistan Rangaraj AG WHO/SE/71.30:80-91 PDF
Special problems relating to the smallpox eradication programme in Afghanistan Akbary MT WHO/SE/71.30:92-97 PDF
Assessment of the smallpox vaccination program in Afghanistan Salehi MY WHO/SE/71.30:98-102 PDF
International cooperation in the smallpox eradication programme [Outbreaks in Burma in 1968 and 1969] Thaung U, Myat UA WHO/SE/71.30:104-7 PDF
Importation of smallpox cases into Nepal Shrestha PN WHO/SE/71.30:108-10 PDF
The establishment of an effective reporting system in Indonesia Karyadi A WHO/SE/71.30:112-6 PDF
Is routine vaccination necessary in a smallpox eradication programme? Koswara PA WHO/SE/71.30:117-25 PDF
The twenty years and the twenty months Arbani PR WHO/SE/71.30:126-9 PDF
Low-level transmission of smallpox in a well vaccinated area, Pasar Minggu, Djakarta, Indonesia (February-August 1970) Emmet W WHO/SE/71.3:130-3 PDF
Smallpox in Djakarta Residency, 1970 Hartohusodo R WHO/SE/71.30:134-9 PDF
What went wrong in Loning? Arbani PR WHO/SE/71.30:140-4 PDF
Observations during special investigations in Rajasthan Singh M WHO/SE/71.30:146-60 PDF
Development of the Smallpox Eradication Programme in Andhra Pradesh State, India Apparao MV WHO/SE/71.30:161-73 PDF
The pattern of urban smallpox—Calcutta Sarkar JK WHO/SE/71.30:174-80 PDF
Surveillance of smallpox in East Pakistan Markvart K, Huq AMM, Islam AIMS WHO/SE/71.30:182-94 PDF
Surveillance activities of the Smallpox Eradication Programme in West Pakistan Khawaja MB, Adibzadeh F WHO/SE/71.30:195-206 PDF
Vaccination of hospitalized patients and newborns: contraindications to vaccination Rao AR WHO/SE/71.30:208-18 PDF
Vaccine, production, storage and handling Henderson DA WHO/SE/71.30:219-22 PDF
Tools and techniques in smallpox vaccination Shafa E WHO/SE/71.30:223-8 PDF
Introductory remarks Henderson DA SE/WP/70.30 PDF
Teaching exercise. Field investigation. Problem for students; Syllabus for the discussion leaders SE/WP/70.31 PDF
Assessment of the vaccination component of the programme. From Handbook for Smallpox Eradication in Endemic Areas (rev) SE/WP/70.25 PDF
Scar surveys as a tool for evaluation and supervision of the smallpox eradication programme, East Java Province, Indonesia Witjaksono H SE/WP/70.26 PDF
Scar survey in smallpox eradication programme of West Pakistan Khawaja MB, Adibzadeh F SE/WP/70.27 PDF

1972 Inter-Country Seminar on Surveillance in Smallpox Eradication. New Delhi, India. 30 Oct-2 Nov 1972

South-East Asia Region

Title Authors Source
Programme SE/WP/72(1) PDF
List of participants SE/WP/72(2) PDF
Inaugural address Chattopadhyaya DP SE/WP/72(3) PDF
Opening remarks Henderson DA SE/WP/72(4) PDF
The global smallpox eradication programme - the final phase Henderson DA SE/WP/72(7) PDF
Smallpox eradication in Asia Grasset NC SE/WP/72(8) PDF
The present status and future plans for the Bangladesh programme Huq AMM, Kashem JA, Khan A, Arnt N SE/WP/72.7 PDF
A report on the present smallpox status in Bhutan Samdup PW SE/WP/72.18 PDF
Present status and future plan of smallpox eradication programme in India Basu RN SE/WP/72.8 PDF
Present status and future plans for the smallpox eradication programme in Nepal Shrestha PN SE/WP/72.12 PDF
Development of a reporting system in Uttar Pradesh Dube RD SE/WP/72.16 PDF
Development of reporting system in Nepal Shrestha PN SE/WP/72.13 PDF
Consequences of poor reporting: An experience encountered in Gulbarga District, Mysore State, South India Rao RR SE/WP/72.19 PDF
Cross notification in smallpox eradication Rao MCA SE/WP/72.20 PDF
Tracing of the source of infection Singh I SE/WP/72.5 PDF
Problems of smallpox diagnosis Zacharias J SE/WP/72.17 PDF
The role of the diagnostic laboratory Henderson DA SE/WP/72.6 PDF
Conquest of smallpox in Maharashtra State: Containment and follow-up measures; failures and achievements Aphale RV SE/WP/72.9 PDF
"Encourage and appreciate immediate reporting of smallpox;: Methods to determine the efficacy of the programme Ahuja AS SE/WP/72.3 PDF
Use of surveillance teams in Rajasthan Aggarwal ML, Jagdev DK, Monnier A SE/WP/72.10 PDF
The use of surveillance teams in Bangladesh Huq AMM, Kashem JA SE/WP/72.15 PDF
Methods to ascertain the smallpox transmission in an area has been interrupted Verma SD SE/WP/72.4 PDF
The control of smallpox in greater Bombay Parulekar DV SE/WP/72.2 PDF
Control of smallpox in Delhi Municipal Corporation Jeswani PH SE/WP/72.14 PDF
Epidemic smallpox in a rural district (Santhal Parganas) Mouar DPS SE/WP/72.21 PDF
Neo-natal vaccination Kapali V SE/WP/72.1 PDF
Virus excretion in the throat, urine and conjunctiva of smallpox cases Sarkar JK, Mitra AC, Mukherjee MK, De S, Mazumdar DG SE/WP/72.11 PDF
The need for revaccination in national smallpox eradication programmes and of laboratory diagnosisPattanayak S, Sehgal PNSE/WP/72.APDF
Recommendations formulated by the committee SE/WP/72(5) PDF

1972 Training Seminar on Smallpox Eradication. Karachi, Pakistan. 14-18 Nov 1972

Eastern Mediterranean Region

Title Authors Source
Inauguration of the seminar Henderson DA SE/72.9 PDF
Smallpox eradication project Punjab 1972. Some aspects of smallpox eradication in Lahore Suleimanov GD SE/WP/PAK/72.1 PDF
The problem of variolating relating to the smallpox eradication programme in Afghanistan Rangaraj AG SE/WP/PAK/72.2 PDF
The smallpox eradication programme in Afghanistan Darmanger AM, Rangaraj AG SE/WP/PAK/72.3 PDF
Smallpox eradication programme Punjab 1972. Three years of experience in Punjab Province [Pakistan] Suleimanov GD, Rafique M SE/WP/PAK/72.4 PDF
The global smallpox eradication programme—The final phase Henderson DA SE/72.10 PDF

1974 International Assessment of Smallpox Eradication in Indonesia. Djakarta, Indonesia. 15-26 Apr 1974

Title Authors Source
Assignment report on smallpox eradication, Indonesia, 4-31 Aug 1973 Wehrle PF SE/WP/74.1 PDF
Smallpox control in Indonesia during the second quarter of the century and re-establishment of endemic smallpox from 1947 Polak MF SE/WP/74.2 PDF
The smallpox eradication programme in Indonesia Setiady IF SE/WP/74.3 PDF
The establishment of an effective reporting system for smallpox in Indonesia Karyadi A SE/WP/74.4 PDF
Is routine vaccination a necessity in a smallpox eradication programme? Koswara PA SE/WP/74.5 PDF
The twenty years and the twenty months Arbani PR SE/WP/74.6 PDF
Low-level transmission in a well-vaccinated area, Pasar Minggu, Jakarta, Indonesia (February - August 1970) Emmet W SE/WP/74.7 PDF
Smallpox in Jakarta Residency, 1970 Hartohusodo R SE/WP/74.8 PDF
What went wrong in Loning? Arbani PR SE/WP/74.9 PDF
Indonesia 1972: Some smallpox surveillance patterns Cuboni GGO, Emmet W, Rai NK, Karyadi A, Setiady IF WHO/SE/74.63 PDF
Indonesia 1971/72: Smallpox vaccinators as surveillance workers Cuboni GGO, Emmet W, Koswara PA, Rai NK, Karyadi A, Setiady IF WHO/SE/74.66 PDF
Report of the WHO International Commission on Assessment of Smallpox Eradication in Indonesia, 25 April 1974 WHO/SE/74.68 PDF

1979 Joint Meeting of the International Commissions for the Certification of Smallpox Eradication from the Horn of Africa and the Global Commission for the Certification of Smallpox. Nairobi, Kenya. Oct 1979.

Title Authors Source
Report of the International Commission for the Certification of Smallpox Eradication in Somalia, 1-21 October 1979 WHO/SE/79.146 PDF
Report of the International Commission for the Certification of Smallpox Eradication in Djibouti, 9-18 October 1979 WHO/SE/79.147 PDF
Report of the International Commission for the Certification of Smallpox Eradication in Ethiopia, 1-17 October 1979 WHO/SE/79.148 PDF
Report of the International Commission for the Certification of Smallpox Eradication in Kenya, 1-19 October 1979 WHO/SE/79.149 PDF
Joint Report of the International Commission for the Certification of Smallpox Eradication in the Countries of the Horn of Africa, Nairobi, 26 October 1979 WHO/SE/79.150 PDF
Address of Dr Halfdan Mahler, Director-General of WHO, 26 Oct 1979.
[Draft annotated by DA Henderson]
Mahler H DA Henderson personal papers PDF

2010 Smallpox Eradication after 30 Years: Lessons, Legacies and Innovations. Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 24-27 Aug 2010

Title Authors Source
[Publication supported by the Sabin Vaccine Institute]
Breman JG, de Quadros CA, Gadelha P (eds) Vaccine 2011 29(Suppl 4)D1-D164
Editorial Board/Aims and scope Vaccine 2011 29(Suppl 4):CO2
Foreword Roses-Periago M Vaccine 2011 29(Suppl 4):D1-D2
Introduction: Meeting objectives, summary and final statement Breman JG, de Quadros CA, Gadelha P Vaccine 2011 29(Suppl 4):D3-D5
Smallpox eradication after 30 years: Lessons, legacies, and innovations Vaccine 2011 29(Suppl 4):D6
The eradication of smallpox — An overview of the past, present, and future Henderson DA Vaccine 2011 29(Suppl 4):D7-D9
Lessons and innovations from the West and Central African Smallpox Eradication Program Foege W Vaccine 2011 29(Suppl 4):D10-D12
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